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Central America Workshops: identification techniques and methods for the study of bats, Honduras and El Salvador.

by: Eugenia Cordero Schmidt.

The initiative of these workshops in Central America was born with the idea of promoting the study of bats in this region, preparing different students and professionals with information and tools to develop research projects that may be presented at the 16th International Bat Research Conference and the 43th North American Society for Bat Research Conference which will take place in 2013 in Costa Rica. Finally, we sought to promote the creation of Bat Conservation Programs in these countries and that in a future they may be part of RELCOM (Latin American Network for the Conservation of Bats).

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The first workshop was held in Honduras, May 7th to 8th at La Tigra National Park, Visitor Center Rosario, Tegucigalpa. This workshop involved a total of 25 people among them were students of the career of science and biology as well as technicians from different foundations (INCEBIO, ICF and AMITIGRA). Also in Honduras we had the opportunity to make an environmental education bat workshop with children of 4th grade of Centro de Investigación Educativa (CIE) of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán (UPNFM).

In El Salvador the workshop was held on May 12th to 13th in the Univesidad of El Salvador and the fieldwork was done in the Parque del Bicentenario El Espino, Bosque los Pericos, San Salvador. 31 people attended including students and biology professors, technicians of different institutions such as SalvaNATURA Zoological Research Group, as well as Bicentennial Park rangers.

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Both workshops were characterized by their dynamism. During the day various lectures were given on topics ranging bats and the environmental services they provide, shelters, natural history, echolocation, among others. In the evening mist nets were placed to capture bats that were later identified. In addition, we used an ultrasonic recorder, Pettersson, with which different calls were recorded of different bat species that were flying at the site, these calls were later identified using a software and also a document with calls previously identified as a reference.

These important workshops were possible thanks to the support of different institutions, such as the Universidad Pedagígica Nacional Francisco Morazán (UPNFM), Ecosystem-ICF project, AMITIGRA Foundation, SalvaNATURA and the Board of Directors of the El Salvador-SMBC Chapter, Universidad de El Salvador, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) and Tirimbina Biological Reserve.


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