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Christmas Bird Count

December 19, 2009, marked the ninth annual Christmas Bird Count for Tirimbina, the twenty-fourth Finca La Selva count for the Sarapiquí region, which includes the Reserve in its 24km diameter. A total of 136 species with 1,556 individuals was recorded during the count. It was a lower number of species compared with last year, because the climatic conditions that prevailed throughout the day impeded extensive sighting.

Participating in the day’s activity were 14 ornithologists, university students, volunteers and Tirimbina staff, who were divided into three groups to cover the reserve and its trails. In each group were birders experienced in identification and, more importantly, several who were participating for the first time. In this way the count is also a process of preparation of future bird observers which guarantees us the participation of a greater number of people for future counts.

Two of the most outstanding species in this Count worth mentioning were the White Whiskered Puffbird (Malacopila panamensis) and Sunbittern (Eurypiga helias) - species which are not easy to spot.

Tirimbina’s objective is to be part of this activity each year which is conducted on the same date in the entire Sarapiquí region, as well as to include more people who have the desire to protect and enjoy the birds in their natural forest state rather than in captivity.

Espectacular Owl

Photo: Julio Sánchez Spectacle Owl Pulsatrix perspicillata

Eurypiga helias

Ave Sol Eurypiga helias Photo: Daniel Granados


Black -faced Grosbeak, Caryothraustes poliogaster

White whiskered Puffbird, Malacopila panamensis

White whiskered Puffbird, Malacopila panamensis
Photo: Daniel Granados

By: Daniel Granados y Andrea Arias
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