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To fulfill our mission, we work with a model that achieves conservation through education and research. These activities are financed by donations and the contributions from our ecotourism activities.

Our Education Program (EP) promotes the knowledge of biodiversity, the value of this and the actions which contribute to its conservation among the local community. Each year EP provides transport and meals so that hundreds of children from 20 local communities visit us for free and receive classes inside the forest as a natural laboratory.

EP is based on the knowledge of the diversity of Tirimbina. We support national and international students and researchers to carry out their studies at the Reserve. The results of this research becomes part of EP and thus reaches the communities as well.

You can be sure that your financial support will directly promote the conservation of the rainforest ecosystem, to improve the quality of life of our planet.

Thank you for your support!

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We offer education
programs for
all levels.

Explore the trails and
discover the flora
and fauna of our region.

Research in one of
the most diverse sites
in the world.