We offer education
programs for
all levels.

Explore the trails and
discover the flora
and fauna of our region.

Research in one of
the most diverse sites
in the world.
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Welcome to the Tirimbina Rainforest Center

... where education, research and beauty combine to offer an unforgettable experience with nature.

Tirimbina is an educational, scientific and ecotourism destination, situated between the forests and rivers of the northern region of Costa Rica.

Tirimbina offers education programs for primary schools, high schools and university students, as well as facilities for study groups, volunteers and researchers, highlighting the biodiversity and conservation of the rainforest.

Tirimbina's abundant forest provides great ecotourism activities. Come and explore the trails, discover its flora and fauna, walk on the suspension bridges or discover the secrets of cacao during the popular Chocolate Tour.

Visit us and learn about the rainforest.


Ecotourism Activities:

Tour de Chocolate  

Chocolate Tour

Discover the secrets and wonders of one of mankind's favourite foods, chocolate. Read more about Chocolate Tour >
Programa de Murciélagos  

Bat Program

Enjoy this great adventure, discovering the wonders of these mammals.
Read more about Bat Program >
Tour de Aves  

Bird Tour

Costa Rica is privileged to have one of the highest concentrations of birds in the world. Read more about Bird Tour >
Tour de Ranas  

Frog Tour

Tirimbina is home to some of the most incredible and unique species of amphibians in the country.
Read more about Frog Tour >